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The people of IND, LLC. share a devotion to fuel cells, fuel cell testing, fuel cell test station development, fuel cell support, catalyst testing, catalyst test equipment, and, most importantly, to our customers. Our team brings unique, individual approaches together to form a powerful force in innovation and customer support. Qualified applicants should send a resume with employment history and references to:

IND, LLC. is accepting applications for the following positions:


Custom Products Group Leader

IND, LLC. is a leading provider of fuel cell and catalyst test equipment. Our equipment is used around the world by large companies, industry leaders, start-ups and universities in the development of catalysts as well as fuel cell stacks, materials and components. The fuel cell and catalyst industry is growing rapidly as our customers work to develop fuel cells for laptops, back-up generation, homes and automobiles and catalysts for fuel cells, reformers, and emission control. We are aggressively expanding our system development and engineering staff to enable more rapid development of new products, utilize feedback from our customers, and continue advance the leading edge in test equipment. With the largest customer base in the industry, IND, LLC. is well poised to undergo continued growth into the future.

Job description

The Custom Products Group Leader will be responsible for managing all necessary resources required to complete the design, development, and fabrication of custom equipment in the industries served by IND, LLC. This will INDlude:

  • Implementation of documentation control procedures and other group policies;
  • Development of quotations and system specifications;
  • Day to day management of custom equipment delivery INDluding scheduling, resources, etc.;
  • The ability to generate system P&ID as well as electrical schematics based upon system requirements and target cost;
  • Develop the system specifications, expected performance and operating area parameters;
  • Perform a FEMA, usability, repair, fabrication cost, cost of ownership, and maintenance study;
  • Develop a software features and specifications requirement document;
  • Fabricate prototypes;
  • Work with vendors and purchasing to provide any necessary custom components and obtain long term component pricing;
  • Work with documentation to develop hardware and software users manuals;
  • Confirm the operation and FEMA of the unit in-house and, potentially, at customer sites;
  • Work with marketing to develop sales literature and brochures;
  • Transition product to manufacturing;
  • Transition service knowledge to customer service for continued product support.
  • Manage annual budget for new equipment, software, etc.

Technical Qualifications:

The successful candidate will have an understanding of the requirements for testing fuel cells and catalysts. The candidate must demonstrate an understanding of system level issues regarding the basic operation of fuel cell power systems INDluding fuel and oxidant control and delivery, oxygen safety, air management, thermal requirements, water handling high current DC power electronics, system communications, and data acquisition. This position will require a thorough understanding of automation, instrumentation and control, electrochemical devices, power electronics, pressure control systems, heat exchangers, flow control, embedded controllers, system packaging, design for manufacturing, etc.

This is a hands-on position that will have support groups or individuals for documentation, purchasing, fabrication, and testing. However, the position will most certainly require a first hand ability to generate and modify process flow diagrams, fabricate, and evaluate the product being created. The successful candidate will have excellent electro-mechanical and electrical skills with a demonstrated ability to take products from schematic development through component selection and prototype fabrication. Experience and a demonstrated knowledge of system and hazardous gas safety, system safety measures, system monitoring probes, switches, etc., is required.

It is expected that the successful candidate will have 5-10 years direct experience in the development of instrumentation and control equipment having a similar level of complexity and cost target as the existing Fideris product line.

Personal Qualifications:

  • Effective management of personnel within the group
  • Ability to plan for resource utilization and expansion as required
  • Verbal and written communications skills are essential.
  • Self-starting, self-directing, able to make decisions and take ownership for issues regarding system requirements, customer expectations, and suppliers.
  • Liaising with managers, software engineers, documentation group, and sales in preparing and agreeing project budgets, timescales and specifications.
  • Ability to work with safety standards and evaluation agencies to obtain the required certification on the hardware.
  • Ability to work with manufacturing to transition equipment to our standard production.

Work Location and Travel

It is anticipated that this position will require occasional travel