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Ask around, Fideris's FCPower™  software has always provided fuel cell researchers with the most flexible, most powerful, fuel cell testing platform in the industry. All FCPower™ software users enjoy free software support including updates and upgrades with new features.

Need help developing your own automation routines and GUI?
TesSol, Incorporated now offers FREE support in writing automation scripts, remote monitoring websites, and custom user interfaces to make the most use of your Fideris brand equipment.

Take a Tour Get the flavor of the FCPower™ software with these tours. Find out why our customers attribute their testing success to our software.
Product Overview: One-Minute Facts, Features, and Lessons Wonder if the FCPower™ software is easy to learn? Take a minute to learn some fundamental features.
Expand Your Testing Capabilities FCPower™ software gives you the opportunity to add third-party hardware on a plug-and-play basis.
System Requirements Purchase the computer from TesSol, Incorporated or ask us for a recommendation. Either way, make sure you have what it takes!
Upgrades for Competitors' Hardware At your wits end with software which provides daily disappointment? TesSol Incorporated may already have a solution to running FCPower™ software for your existing hardware.
Frequently Asked Questions It is possible to answer questions before they are asked! Check out our FAQs even if you aren't sure of the question.

Please Note: A license for TesSol FCPower™ software is included with each test system purchased. This license authorizes the purchaser to use the software on multiple computers under either of the following conditions:

1) The test station may include 3rd party equipment, but must have an equal or greater number of TesSol manufactured equipment.

2) The software may be used in the absence of any equipment for developing scripts, developing custom monitors, etc., and for operating the software across a network to provide remote monitoring and/or control of the test station.

A separate license is required and may be purchased to use FCPower™ software to enhance the operation of Hydrogenics / Greenlight Power equipment and other competitors' hardware, or in the total absence of TesSol™ equipment in the test system. 

Title Owner Last Updated Size (KB) Download
Fideris Test Suite v 2.5.10 Craig Andrews Feb. 2nd, 2009 32,252.58 Download
FCPower and CATest v 5.9 8-25-08 Craig Andrews Aug. 25th, 2008 32,233.06 Download
FCPower and CATStation version 5.8 Craig Andrews Aug. 25th, 2008 31,983.27 Download



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Additional Information:

See the Power for Yourself

Review the features of the FCPower™ software and see the product that has defined the leading edge of fuel cell testing software. FCPower™ software is the largest installed fuel cell testing software for SOFC, PEM, and DMFC. Completely automate your fuel cell test station, including watchdogs, safety alarms and stops, and data acquisition.


Third-Party Hardware Integration

 FCPower™ software allows your fuel cell test station to expand as needs change through the addition of third-party hardware. Temperature controllers, high-speed data acquisition, humidity transducers, power supplies, etc., are completely integrated through software. Testing Solid Oxide Fuel Cells? No problem, FCPower™ software seamlessly integrates ovens and other support equipment. Additional or custom hardware may be integrated if you have a specialized requirement! 

Take More than a Glimpse into the Future

 You name it and the FCPower™ software was most likely the first to offer it. Even as our competitors try to catch up, see some of the latest features which still make FCPower™ software the industry leader - features to make your testing safer, more convenient, and more reliable. By the way, did you know that users get software upgrades for free? 

Help us make FCPower even better

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