Pressure Control & Monitoring

Pressure Control & Monitoring

Standard Features

  • Single-ended and/or differential pressure transduces utilized to monitor pressure
  • Up to ten pressure monitoring ports in a single 1U, 2U, or 3U module
  • Static pressure ports for highest accuracy
  • Accuracy: 0.25% combined linearity, repeatability
  • Ethernet Interface for simple configuration and expansion!
  • System-wide control of all Fideris Test System Components using FCPower Software
  • Integrated hardwired emergency stop
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) for redundant power


Specifications of the Pressure Monitoring Module 

  • Single-Ended Pressure Monitoring: Monitoring of pressure through utilization of single-ended pressure transducer
  • Differential Pressure Monitoring: Monitoring of pressure through utilization of differential pressure transducer

Electrical Requirements

  • Voltage: 26-50VDC
  • Communication: Ethernet

Front Panel Controls and Displays

  • Pressure Monitoring Connections: 1/8" Swagelok bulkhead union
  • Differential Pressure Monitoring Connections: 1/8" Swagelok bulkhead union

Back Panel Connections

  • Power/Estop Molex 39660-1004
  • Data Connections: RJ45 (8P8C) Ethernet (RS-232 optional)

Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 1U Modules: 1.75", 2U Modules: 3.5", 3U Modules: 5.25"; 19" rackmount; 21" deep
  • System Weight: 1U Modules: Dependent on configuration, approximately 15 lbs
  • Operating Environment: 40 to 100 Fahrenheit, 85% RH
  • Cabinet Location: Indoors
  • Clearance for Operation: Front: 6", Back: 3", Sides: 0", Top: 0"
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Combine with Additional Modules to achieve the testing solution that fits your requirements, combine the Pressure Monitoring Module with additional Innovator Series Modules such as:

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