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January 25, 2011
ACTAN Named as Exclusive Distributor for Fideris Brand Testing Equipment in Russia and CIS
ACTAN, Ltd., (Moscow, Russia) is now a distributor for the Fideris Brand of testing and laboratory automation equipment.

Battle Ground, WA (PRWEB) January 26, 2011 -- TesSol, Inc., is pleased to announce that ACTAN, Ltd. is now a distributor for the Fideris® Brand of testing, process control, and laboratory automation equipment and software for Russia and CIS.

ACTAN is known for selecting products only from the most respected international manufacturers. This gives their customers confidence that they will receive reliable, high quality, and technically advanced components and systems that are available worldwide.Since the Fideris testing and process control equipment can be applied to a wide range of physical process control and measurement, it complements ACTAN’s existing product lines of specialized equipment for research and industrial applications. “If our customer can sketch a block diagram of the process they need, we can select from the Fideris product line to create a perfectly matched solution without the need for custom engineering, custom software, and the headaches of one-off equipment,” says Dr. Sergey Simanchev, ACTAN’s Chief Executive Officer.  “ACTAN is extremely pleased to become an exclusive distributor for the Fideris product line since it fills an obvious void in the Russian and CIS markets.”        

The Fideris name is possibly best known as the inventor of the automated electrochemical test station, but product innovations have lead to applications far beyond the fuel cell, battery, and electrolyzer industries.  With individual, rack mount modules available for nearly all aspects of physical process control (such as gas blending and delivery, temperature control, humidification, pressure control, and battery cycling) customers now have a versatile platform worthy of their capital investment.  As functional building blocks, the standardized Fideris modules are equally suited to basic laboratory automation applications as they are to extremely complex process control and testing systems.  In sharp contrast to fixed-feature and all-in-one platforms, the Fideris plug-and-play modular approach offers nearly unlimited future expansion and revision opportunity while maintaining a turn-key system that provides full automation capabilities, hardwired shutdown, user configured watchdogs, reliable Ethernet interface, and full automation right out of the box.

"When we invented the automated fuel cell test station, our engineers were forced into the traditional fixed-feature design since the ability of software to dynamically configure itself to match hardware just didn’t exist in most operating systems.  However, in 1993 with the development of Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM), plug-and-play was born and we switched to the modular configuration." states Dr. Kelly Andrews, TesSol’s president.  “While major competitors were still using function keys and commands at the DOS prompt, Fideris customers were enjoying a full graphical user interface, scripting, and were able to easily reconfigure or expand their system in the field.  It doesn’t sound like much by today’s standards, but new technology and superior customer service have lead to our continued success while competitors have come and gone over the last 20 years.  In 2005 we introduced the next generation of rack-mounted components into our product line and it was at that time that customers really began to see the benefits of the modular concept.  In contrast with the inflexible ‘white elephant’ products that can only be used for their original intent, we see customers upgrading, evolving, and expanding their capabilities as rapidly as their requirements change.  Furthermore, our customers are using the equipment in applications and markets we had never envisioned.  It takes a special distributor to be able to keep up with new applications and new markets, but we believe that ACTAN brings not only the sales and service opportunity, but a high level of technical understanding and support capabilities to the broad customer base using Fideris products.”

About ACTAN, Ltd:

Established in 2004, ACTAN, Ltd. specializes in the import, domestic sales, and support of foreign-based gas handling and delivery systems, temperature control systems, pressure control, vacuum, plasma, cryogenics systems, optical components, optical instrumentation, and semiconductor processing equipment. ACTAN’s team of PhDs and technically trained staff are able to provide the highest level of customer support starting with system design and continuing through technical consulting, installation, training, maintenance, and post-warranty service.

ACTAN, Ltd.   
Russia, 129343, Moscow, proezd Serebryakova, 4             
Tel  +7 495 228 0975              

About the Fideris Brand:

The Fideris Brand testing equipment ( is manufactured by TesSol, Inc., and represents innovative solutions for research, quality control, and production testing in the areas of fuel cells, catalysts, sensors, materials, and many other diverse applications. Offered under the Lynntech name of its original parent company through the 1990's, and rebranded as Fideris in 2004, this product line has introduced many of the most significant features to the electrochemical testing industry including: computer-controlled fully automated test stations, ultra-low impedance electronic loads, real-time flash evaporation humidifiers, modular sub-systems, graphical user interface, full automation through scripting, all-digital communication, remote monitoring and control, and dozens of other testing features and capabilities which simplify and automate device testing as well as increase data quality, testing performance, and overall safety.

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