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June 29, 2009
Fideris Brand Testing Equipment Now Available through the Fuel Cell Store Website
The Fuel Cell Store is now a distributor for the Fideris Brand of testing and laboratory automation equipment. This partnership is the first to offer the industry component selection with on-line pricing, allowing customers to tailor their test equipment to their requirements to create a plug-and-play, turn-key fuel cell test system.

Battle Ground, WA,  June 30, 2009 -- TesSol, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Fuel Cell Store is now a distributor for the Fideris Brand of testing and laboratory automation equipment. "The modularity, price, and selection of the Fideris equipment are perfectly suited to the customer base of the Fuel Cell Store," says Dr. Kelly Andrews, President of TesSol, Inc. which owns the Fideris Brand. Andrews continues, "Customers immediately see the benefits of picking and choosing sub-systems to customize their testing equipment to match immediate needs, along with an eye toward future expansion."

Kyle Stewart from the Fuel Cell Store says, "We are pleased to now have our first, full line of testing equipment available to our customers. TesSol, Inc. gives us the opportunity to bring our customers solutions tailored to their specific needs and provide fuel cell test systems that meet the requirements of everyone from the curious hobbyist to full scale laboratory researchers."

The Fideris Brand of testing equipment is unique in the fuel cell test equipment industry in that it allows customers to not only tailor their testing equipment to match their requirements, but also provides for future expansion and revision. Customers are able to select from dozens of Fideris Brand modules as well as popular third-party components which further expand the capabilities of the test station. In the end, the customer is provided with a plug-and-play, completely turn-key testing system with full automation capabilities, hardwired shutdown, user configured watchdogs, etc.

"Since the mid 1990's our product line has evolved from the all-in-one testing equipment specifically designed for fuel cell testing to a semi-modular approach in the late 1990's," states Dr. Andrews. "In 2005 we began to introduce highly-modular, rack-mounted components into our product line and it was at that time that customers really began to see the benefits of the modular concept. We believe that the Fuel Cell Store is an ideal one-stop source for fuel cell related products such as the Fideris testing equipment."

About the Fideris Brand.:
The Fideris Brand testing equipment ( is manufactured by TesSol, Inc., and represents the most innovative testing solutions for research, quality control, and production testing in the areas of fuel cells, catalysts, sensors, materials, and many other related and diverse applications. Under its original Lynntech name through the 1990's and rebranded as Fideris in 2004, this product line has introduced many of the most significant features to the fuel cell test equipment industry including: computer-controlled fully automated test stations, ultra-low impedance electronic loads, real-time flash evaporation humidifiers, modular sub-systems, graphical user interface, full automation through scripting, all-digital communication, remote monitoring and control, and dozens of other testing features and capabilities which simplify and automate fuel cell testing as well as increase data quality, testing performance, and overall safety.
The Fideris Brand, logo, and associated trademarks are owned by TesSol, Inc.

About the Fuel Cell Store:
Fuel Cell Store ( is the ultimate destination for all your fuel cell needs. Fuel Cell Store features the newest products and technologies as well as the most diverse and expansive selection of fuel cell related products and parts. Fuel Cell Store features quality products from more vendors than any other site and our experienced and knowledgeable staff is available for technical and product support, conferences, workshops, laboratory development and consulting services. Whether it is education, science, or leisure, Fuel Cell Store provides complete fuel cell solutions.