Excess Inventory Grayhill I/O modules

It has been seven years since these Grayhill embedded controllers were designed out of our systems in favor of our pure digital I/O designs and ethernet connectivity.  We are now eliminating replacement part inventory on all Grayhill I/O modules and boards.

These include the following modules, all subject to prior sale, prices in US Dollars.  We want these out of inventory so if you see in-stock modules at a lower price somewhere else let us know:

Grayhill I/O modules for sale
Part Number Family I/O Range Units Qty Available Price (ea)
73G-OI0-20 Current Output AO 0→20 mA 1 $150
73G-OV5 Voltage Output AO 0→5 VDC 2 $225
73G-OV10 Analog Output AO 0→10 VDC 29 $225
73G-IV50M Voltage Input AO 0→50 mVDC 1 $225
73G-IV100M Voltage Input AO 0→100 mVDC 3 $100
73G-IV1 Voltage Input AO 0→1 VDC 13 $125
73G-IV5 Voltage Input AO 0→5 VDC 3 $125
73G-IV10 Voltage Input AO 0→10 VDC 23 $225
73G-IV10B Bipolar Voltage Input AO -10 → +10 VDC 5 $225
73G-ITCT Temperature input AI Type T °C 12 $200
73G-ITCK Temperature input AI Type K °C 33 $200
70G-OAC5 Digital AC Output DO 110 VAC 32 $8
70G-OAC5A Digital AC Output DO 220 VAC 13 $10
70G-IAC5 Digital AC Input DI 110 VAC 13 $10
70G-IAC5A Digital AC Input DI 220 VAC 19 $10
70G-IDC5 Digital DC Input DI 3-32 VDC 8 $10
70G-IDC5S Digital Input DI DRY CONTACT   1 $30


Grayhill Mounting Racks For Sale
Part Number Description Qty Available Price (ea)
70GRCK4 4-Channel G5 Rack 4 $25
70GCK8-HL 8-Channel G5 Rack 12 $50
70GRCK16-HL 16-Channel G5 Rack 14 $75
70GRCQ24-HL 24-Channel G5 Rack 6 $125
70GRCM32-HL 32-Channel G5 Rack 18 $150



70G-IDC5 3-32 VDC input
70G-IDC5S Dry Contact Input
70G-IAC5  120VAC input
70G-IAC5A 230VAC input 
70G-OAC5  120VAC  switched output
70G-OAC5A 230VAC switched output
73G-ITCT Type T Thermocouple input
73G-ITCK  Type K Thermocouple input
73G-IV100M 0-100 mV DC input
73G-IV50M 0-50mV DC input
73G-IV1 0-1V DC input
73G-IV5 0-5V DC input
73G-IV10B -10V to 10V bipolar DC input
73G-OV5   0-5V DC output
73G-OI020   4-20 mA current output
73G-OV10 0-10V DC output
70GCK8 8-channel G5 rack
70GCK16 16-channel G5 rack
70GRCQ24 24-channel G5 rack
70GRCM32 32 channel G5 rack