High Temperature Current Leads

  • Braided nickel wires provide flexibility for easy connections
  • Brazed terminals on each end
  • Available with feed-through termination for penetration of furnace wall to provide for low temperature connection to standard leads outside the heated environment.
  • Made to order custom lengths
  • Stainless Steel outer braid
  • Standard leads have an operating temperature up to 1200°F with higher operating temperatures available
  • Available with total conductor cross-sections of 10 mm2 15 mm2, 20 mm2, 25 mm2, 30 mm2, and 50 mm2
  • Stackable terminations provides for parallel leads to further increase current carrying capability or reduce impedance.


These power leads are ideal for carrying current in high-temperature environments such as furnaces and similar enclosures.  Their low impedance is ideal for solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) testing and operation to minimize voltage drops between the fuel cell and load. 


High-temperature voltage sense leads are also available.