Hydrogen Test Kit

  • Ideal for Fuel Cell Development, QC, and Endurance Testing
  • Mass Flow Control of up to Four Reactant Gases
  • Back Pressure Control of Tail Gas Available
  • Fail Safe Purge on Fuel Gas
  • 250 Watt Electronic Load
  • Load Compatible with AC Impedance Measurements
  • Low Resistance Load Allows Single Cells to be Tested Without Boosting Power Supply
  • Fuel Cell Heater Control
  • Auxiliary Input/Output
  • Complete Turn-Key System with all Necessary Connectors, Cables, Hardware, and Software Included 


Hydrogen Test Kit Specifications
Mass Flow Controller

Total of four gas channels divided between the fuel and oxidant channels as specified

100-170 psi
100-130 psi
Normally open, computer controlled valve
Optional, manual or computer controlled available
Same as main power unit
3.5 Amps
Type K thermocouple
Electrical Requirements
85-250 VAC
47-440 Hz
350 Watts plus power consumed by fuel cell heater switched receptacle
Electronic Load
MOSFET variable resistance load bank
Panel shunt
5 Amp or 50 Amp
5, 10, or 20 Volts (Other voltages available, contact sales)
250 Watts
1.25 milliohm
All critical components gold plated
Front Panel Controls and Displays
3-1/2 digit LCD backlit display
3-1/2 digit LCD backlit display

0-100 psi analog gauge

3-1/2 digit LCD backlit display
Flashing Red LED
Green LEDs
Green LED
1/4" Swagelok quick connect
1/4" Swagelok quick connect
1/4" Swagelok quick connect
1/4" Swagelok quick connect
Banana jack, scre, or bolt-on
LEMO (3' mating cable provided)
Mini Type K (thermocouple provided)
LEMO (3' mating cable provided)

2 Mini Type K thermocouple inputs
IEC-320 output (mating cord provided)

1/8" Swagelok
Back Panel Connections
1/4" Swagelok
3/8" Swagelok
1/8" Swagelok

1/4" FNPT
4 pin connector (jumpered mate, mating housing & sockets provided)
4 pin connector (mating housing & pins provided)
7 pin connector (jumpered mate provided)
IEC-320 (mating cord provided)
Physical Characteristics
29"D; 21.5"H; 12"W
65-80 lbs (depending upon options)
40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, 85% RH
Back: 6", RH: 6", LH: 6", Top: 0"