Inhibit Module

Inhibit Front Panel
Inhibit Front Panel
Inhibit Back Panel
Inhibit Back Panel

  • Inhibits gas flow if external conditions fail to satisfy the specified limits
  • Back panel thermocouple input to monitor temperature
  • Watlow limit controller determines the state of the system by comparing the temperature, pressure, or other customer specified input to the specified limit
  • Alter the limit as needed directly from the controller on the front panel
  • Front panel display of the external reading from the Watlow controller
  • Outputs regarding the state of the system to be read by other modules if desired
  • Integrated hardwired Run/Standby signal
  • Front panel LED status of inhibit, flow, over-temperature, internal errors, enable, and power
Electrical Requirements
Standard: None
Optional: Ethernet (DHCP)
Front Panel Controls and Displays
Power, Enabled, Inhibited, Flow Detected, External Overtemperature, and Error LEDs
Displays external measurement and state of the module, buttons to control limit setting
Back Panel Connections
Double-pole, double-throw relay which follows the flow switch input