Innovator Series Auxiliary I/O

The Fideris® I/O system is the ideal instrument to extend fuel cell test system control to additional equipment. The I/O unit is designed to control, monitor, record, and automate a complete test setup beyond the basic parameters measured or controlled by each unit. The user may mix and match inputs and outputs up to a maximum of 50.



Specifications of the Auxiliary I/O Module
Yokogawa MX-100 system

Medium-Speed Universal Input Module (MX110-UNV-M10). Visit for further information

Single and differential pressure transducers available. Pressure transducer output read by MediumSpeed Universal Input Module (MX110-UNV-M10).

As specified by user at time of order.
Fifty (50)
Electrical Requirements
Back Panel Connections
1/8” Swagelok ® bulkhead union
High: 1/8” Swagelok ® bulkhead union
Low: 1/8” Swagelok ® bulkhead union
Mini-type thermocouple or PT-100 RTD
Line Voltage. IEC 320 (Mating cord provided)
Physical Characteristics
4U Modules: 7” high
19” rackmount; 21” deep
40 ° F to 100 ° F; 85% RH
Back: 6″, Sides: 0″, Top: 0″
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