PEM Soft goods: Gas Diffusion Electrodes (GDEs)

  • For use in all proton exchange membrane applications
  • Custom sizes up to 20 cm x 20 cm (active area) and in virtually any shape
  • Standard size MEAs stocked include 5 cm2 25 cm2 and 50 cm2
  • For use in all types of fuel cells and electrolyzers, including:
    • Hydrogen-Air
    • Reformate-Air
    • Hydrogen-Oxygen
    • Direct methanol fuel cells


    • Standard membranes available:
      • NafionTM1035
      • NafionTM105
      • NafionTM112
      • NafionTM115
      • NafionTM117
    • Other membranes are available on special request


    • Standard catalysts available:
      • Pt on Carbon
      • Pt Black
      • PtRU
      • IrRu
    • Other catalysts are available on special request, or send us your custom catalyst and we will apply it to the membrane for your use


  • Normal range of loadings is from 0.3 mg/cm2 to 12.0 mg/cm2
  • Supplied with or without gas diffusion layers
  • MEAs without gas diffusion layers feature two thin film electrodes applied directly to the membrane
  • MEAs with gas diffusion layers can have the catalyst as either a thin film on the membrane or on the gas diffusion structure
  • Can be either symmetrical, with identical electrodes on both sides or asymmetrical with different catalysts on each side
  • Can be furnished with a thin film electrode on one side of the MEA and a gas diffusion structure on the other


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Custom MEAs to Your Specifications in Any Size up to 20 cm x 20 cm(active area) and in Virtually Any Shape
MEAs for Use in All Types of Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers Including:
      - Hydrogen-Air
      - Reformate-Air
      - Hydrogen-Oxygen
      - Direct Methanol 
MEAs for All Proton Exchange Membrane Applications
Fuel Cell Experts on Staff Can Provide Advise for Your Applications