Products - Innovator Series

More than a fuel cell test station, the Fideris® product line allows the customer to design a complete fuel cell test system covering all aspects of physical testing and evaluation.  This product line offers a level of flexibility and versatility that can only be delivered by our highly modular, plug-and-play test system.

Gas Mixing, Delivery & Purge
Fideris gas mixing and gas blending modules automatically blend precise mixtures

Standard Features:

  • Mix and Match modules to deliver various flow rates and gases. Liquid delivery modules are also available
  • Use multiple gas mixing modules to create precicely controlled custom gas blends in real time
  • Mass flow control of flow rates up to 2500 SLPM per gas; combine multiple modules for expanded gas blending and mixing capabilities
  • All-digital control eliminates analog calibration requirements and...
Liquid Mixing & Delivery

Standard Features

  • Mix and Match modules to deliver various flow rates and liquids. Gas delivery modules are also available
  • Flow rates are controlled by liquid mass flow controllers, peristaltic metering, positive displacement diaphragm, or piston metering pumps
  • Ethernet Interface for simple configuration and expansion!
  • The output from multiple Liquid Delivery Modules may be combined to provide dynamically controlled gas...
Gas Humidification
Process gas Dewpoint humidifiers and Water Content Humidification

The Fideris has many types of humidification systems available including:

  • Bubble type (dewpoint)
  • Real time liquid water metering
  • Flash evaporation
  • Live steam injection
  • Highly accurate saturate-and-trim humidifiers 

The Fideris humidifiers integrate seamlessly with over a hundred other physical process control modules in the Fideris product line. Available as stand-alone units or complete turn-key systems,...

Pressure Control & Monitoring
Pressure Control & Monitoring

Standard Features

  • Single-ended and/or differential pressure transduces utilized to monitor pressure
  • Up to ten pressure monitoring ports in a single 1U, 2U, or 3U module
  • Static pressure ports for highest accuracy
  • Accuracy: 0.25% combined linearity, repeatability
  • Ethernet Interface for simple configuration and expansion!
  • System-wide control of all Fideris Test System Components using FCPower Software...
Temperature Control & Monitoring
Temperature Control & Monitoring

Standard Features

  • High channel count modules provide up to 150-channels of temperature input
  • 1-6 channel modules are available with individual temperature controllers having front panel displays
  • Temperature control channels are available with temperature cutout and alarms
  • Temperature feedback provided by RTDs or thermocouples
  • Ethernet Interface for simple configuration and expansion!
  • System-wide...
Force Control & Monitoring

Standard Features

  • Available as manual control or computer control with manual fallback
  • Integral force controller with scaling and PID tuning
  • Manual failsafe force adjustment for standby or loss of power
  • Front panel display of force (also setpoint and status on computer-controlled version)
  • Excitation output for load cell
  • Ethernet Interface for simple configuration and expansion! (also available with...
Electronic Loads

Standard Features

  • Fully programmable, self-contained, air cooled solid state load
  • Patented design is optimized to provide ultra-low impedance operation for fuel cell testing
  • Load is compatible with AC impedance or frequency response analyzers
  • Interchangeable shunts for precise operation over a wide dynamic range
  • Ten built-in voltage monitoring inputs optional. Additional voltage monitoring inputs available...
Auxiliary Inputs & Outputs

Analog and digital inputs and outputs for measurement and control.

The Auxiliary I/O Modules are based on the Yokogawa MX-100 System. With this flexible I/O Module, the user may specify at the time of order the number and the types of inputs and outputs that are required.

Inputs available include:

  • Pressure inputs
  • Voltage inputs
  • Temperature inputs

Outputs available:

  • Analog
  • Digital


Heating, Cooling & Environmental

Products that provide heating and cooling flexibility to your test system

Products Available:

  • Thermal Management Systems: The Fideris® Thermal Management Unit is used to control and monitor the temperature of a fuel cell by providing the fuel cell with temperature-controlled recirculating liquid. For added safety,...
Turn Key System Examples

Fideris offers many Turn Key Systems, including:

All-in-One Test Systems

Test systems packaged in a single module for lower cost - provide a straightforward test but still include complete computer control and data acquisition.

Two systems that Fideris is currently offering are the: 

Please see their product pages for further information. As always feel free...

Fideris Test Suite Software

Ask around, Fideris's FCPower™  software has always provided fuel cell researchers with the most flexible, most powerful, fuel cell testing platform in the industry. All FCPower™ software users enjoy free software support including updates and upgrades with new features.

Need help developing your own automation routines and GUI?
TesSol, Incorporated now offers FREE support in writing automation scripts, remote monitoring...

Support Components

Fideris offers third party components that can be integrated with Fideris FCPower control software for data logging, charting, and full process automation.

Components that provide additional testing capabilities. Including:

  • Additional Data Acquisition
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Impedance Measurement
  • Power Supplies
  • And More. . .



Fideris offers many types of support hardware for packaging, communications, laboratory interface, etc.


Deals & Discounts

Extend your research budget further with the purchase of these like-new pieces of test system and support components.

Call it remanufactured, reconditioned, pre-owned, factory certified, or used testing equipment. Whatever the name, you can save a bundle on these test components and support equipment!

Each item is shipped with a new warranty except for mass flow controllers which will be verified as operational. All hardware is provided with TesSol's ...